Remember the anger management technique of counting to ten? It was a nice idea that only delayed the fight or allowed the I was angry at to create some distance between he and I. Management of anger is the proper goal. Elimination of anger and the stimuli that causes it is the goal God has for us.

As Fear is a primary emotion, the most common secondary emotion to follow it is anger. In this series, we will dig into Ephesians 4 and discover how kindness, compassion, and forgiveness defeat anger, bitterness, malice, and brawling. Paul reveals to us that anger is part of the “old selfish self” and that our new life in Jesus makes us capable of contentment and peace.

A key aspect of this series is to understand that anger is not a sin and can be an result in construct actions that bring justice and peace. We do not want to cause false guilt in this teaching but to redeem an emotion that usually results in destruction.

The first three weeks we reveal the principles of anger elimination, not management, and the last week we will develop a plan that we can use every day to live fear and anger free.  Our aim is to live unafraid and without the chaos of conflict. In Jesus, that is possible!

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