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  • The Seven Last Words of Christ

    In late winter or early spring, Christians enter the season of Lent, a time of preparation for Easter.  During the last week of Lent called Holy Week, on Thursday, April 17, at 7:00pm, the Christ Memorial Sanctuary Choir, Orchestra, and soloists will present The Seven Last Words of Christ by Theodore Dubois. Theodore Dubois (1837-1924) was an organist, composer, and teacher of music in Paris, France.  He composed operas, oratorios, symphonies, and works for the organ, including his most well-known work, The Seven Last Words of Christ.

    The first four books of the New Testament record the seven words or sayings said by Jesus on the cross.  This cantata by Dubois is a musical journey into the depth of sorrow and the weight of these words spoken by Jesus during his final hours. The opening music and words to The Seven Last Words of Christ are an invitation. Worshipers are invited to listen and behold. Listen to the words of forgiveness, love, despair, and commitment, and behold the immense sorrow. Sacred art from artists of the Renaissances, current film, and foreign artists will be projected on the screen to help us enter into the events of that Good Friday.

    The sanctuary choir and orchestra are directed by Dr. Gary Matthews, Pastor of Worship and the Arts at Christ Memorial Church. The soloists are Keith Brautigam, Voice Faculty, Indiana Wesleyan University; Sarah Brown, Vocal Artist, Grand Rapids; Phil Holmes, Voice Faculty, Cornerstone University and Grace Bible College; and Steve Hook, Vocal Artist, Christ Memorial Church Sanctuary Choir and Holland Chorale.  The soloists sing the key roles of the seven last words while the choir sings the role of the crowd that has gathered at the cross. The choir also enters into the meaning of the soloists’ words by singing with them or by singing words of reflection. As the cantata ends, the choir responds with a hymn of quiet worship and praise. We are given a glimpse of the hope to come. Resurrection is coming for “the world from sin is redeemed.”

    Tickets are not necessary to attend this free event.  Christ Memorial Church is located at 595 Graafschap Road, Holland.